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Plans: RCGroups.com Scratchbuilt Foamies thread


This is a reformatting of the "Free Plans List" that was a sticky at the top of the Scratchbuilt Foamies section at RCGroups.com, before it was defaced in April 2008 (LOGICAL PSYCHO has since resubmitted it, therefore this page is now a bit of "Scratchbuilders Insurance.") We have reformatted it here so that it also includes a thumbnail-sized picture of each plane design next to the plan name. This is a "work-in-progress," as we hope to continually add plans to it. PLEASE SUGGEST plans to add!

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Apparently some Kinko's copy centers will not copy some of the free plans listed here. If you have a current plan or are doing a new one please state that it is ok to reproduce this plan for anyones personal use but not for resale and/or no more than 2 copies can be made at a time.

This list is the product of a lot of hard work by the DIY'ers that reside at RC Groups. And if you have any suggestions for other planes - either from RCGroups or other forums / sites, please submit them to the "Suggestions" box at the bottom of this page.


MaxAmps.com BPHobbies.com
Foamfly.com Slowfly.com
3DFoamy.com Cuttingedgecnc.com
Nanoplanes.net AllErc.com
TowerHobbies.com Hobby-Lobby.com
HobbyCity.com Heads Up R/C

Links to plans

DesignerAircraft Name / Plans locationAircraft Photo
See site 3D Indoor/Pattern Planes See site
See site 3D Batix Free Plans See site
See site 3D Foamy Free Plans See site
See site Airdave213 Nano Planes See site
AZ Astro AZ Shrike / Post #267
Blackrat Eurofighter - post #9
Boxhead Thunderstruck - post #6
Chara Bipie - post #47
Harpy Cat - post #41
Twin Boom Cutie - post #44
Chris3D Micro Pitts
Micro Moth
Crvogt The Hoot - post #1
Davereap Flying Wing - post #1
SU27/Eagle Duo - post #5
Avro Vulcan
A couple more
Ace And Jack of Diamonds - post #1074
Depron Dave F-15 thread   Plans
DRITCH Lil-F-22 post #1
Eddie P Pusher Jet Free Plans thread  
EFlightWiki.com EFlight Wiki: Plans, Info  
ewo Amos Moses - post #
Super F-16 - posts #283-284
Extra 300 - post #1
Got Amit Bipe - post #10
firetrappe Sumo 3D - post #1
Flybike Combat Plane - link to plans in post #1
FlynAZ Lanell - post #4
Double Edge - post #1
PurFoamance - post #11
Foamy Factory Pay & Free Plan Downloads See site
Gene Bond Yak 54 - post #1
Blu Beagle - post #2
Blu 51cd - post #1
Gym BluX2 - post #59
Blu DC-3/C-47 Twin - post #1
4F-51 Fat Floppy Foamie - post #1
4-S Bipe - post #1
Gee Blu - post #1
Blu Cub2 - post #1
Gym Blu - post #1
Glovesave39 F-16XL profile propjet - post #11
F-14 profile propjet (the little version) - post #1
F-18 mid-motor mount - post #1
goldguy goldguy's airplane designs LOTS of great plane plans!See site
goldguy's Smart Dart by Gene Bond - post #1
gpw His complete collection of designs EVERY scratchbuilder should build at least one gpw plane! See site
Hans-Joachim FW190D - post #3
P51D - post #6
Spitfire - post #11
JAM Warlock & Spector - post #1 and Snowrunner add-on for both
Jerbear Simple Wing - post #1
Hooter - post #1
Simple Corsair - post #5
Jetset44 Fokker DR1 - post #4
Jivaro - from France Various plans - (Note: Site is written in French!) See site
Juscuz OR Fanfold TBF Avenger - post #3
Kaos2 Regal - post #1
Kdahlhaus Blu-109 - post #1
Blu-87 Stuka - post #1
kf2qd Profile 4-channel Supercub - post #1
BigBluBee and BluBee - post #1
22" F-117 - post #1
Kram242 comBAT - post #1
Lakota Arrow - post #1
lenniegordo StingRay - post #1
magic612 Little Go Bipe - post #1; Mini Go Bipe is in post #92
Stephens Akro - post #11
Wicked Witch of the West - post #18
Lazy Boy glider - post #1
me_wantee The Wombat - post #
Midwest Products - Importers of CellFoam88 Free Airplane Plans See site
Mikeythev P-40 Warhawk - post #5
Minifly The Mobius - plans require dxf/dwg viewer or pdf reader See site
Mr. Flash 3D Ultimate - post #1
Infineon - post #1
mr. arthur1234 Klompen Kanon vlieger or the wooden shoe - post #
Photon Twinax V2- post #2
ParkBipe-Depron Biplane - post #3
Pmjass Fokker DR1 (Outdoor Version) - email for plans post #35
Fokker DR1 (indoor Version "Baby Baron" - link to plans in post #28
Das Ugl-e stick - post #1
SU-26 MX 3D Full Fuz - link to plans is in post #8
SE5a Full Fuse 3D - link to plans is in post #30
Prop-er Hydro-Plane - link to plans in post #1
Rafale XL - link to plans in post #1
Depron Duplex Delta - link to plans in post #1
WingCAT (link is to plans only)
FastCAT (link is to plans only)
Mini Tensor 3D (link is to plans only)
RCParkflyer Free Parkjet Plans - master list See site
Red Miss Hangar One Hydrofoam Tiled Plans  Full Sheet plans Coming soon!
RicoJ P-51 Mustang Full Fuse Foam - plans in posts #26 and #28
Rusty Gunn Rebel KF trainer - plans are here
SGTalon USS Reliant - post #7
Shakystick Manta Racer - post #1
Sloper Steve Mini 3D EPP - for CD Brushless
Downloads from his siteSee site
soundman Silent Mite - post #1
Spoogemonkey 400 MB of Free Plans See site
Stringfly Sidewinder Missile - post #1 (Mini version post #151)
T3chDad X-41 Deltastorm - post #1
X-42 Deltastorm II - post #1
Thatovalguy Bird Dog - post #
Soma Bipe (converted from ewo's Amos Moses - plans post #308 and final version post #681
Fanfold Fun Jet - posts #23 and #308 for swept wing version
Dirty Deeds Bi-plane - post #2
Stewart Little Bi-plane - post #21
Illuminado - post #42 
TireTrax Revert - post #10
Tony65x55 Funky Flier - plans in post #207
Kline-Fogleman Modified Wing (PLANS ONLY)Coming soon!
SE5a (PLANS ONLY)Coming soon!
Desert Hawk (PLANS ONLY)Coming soon!
Blu-Baby Trainer - post #1
TurboCingy Bi-night 3D - post #1 Coming soon!
UAVPilot GLostick Night Flyer Design - post #6
4Q - post #2
UFly A Hovering Machine - plans post #1
Waterdog Nasty - links to plans in post #1
STC - links to plans in post #2
Big Nasty - post #1
"STS" Seaplane/Airplane - post #
"AP" Plane - post #

Have a suggestion to make this list better? Plans to add to it from RCGroups.com? Did we get something WRONG? Let us know! And please know that because we respect your privacy, we will not sell, share or rent your email address to any individual or company. It is solely for our records. Thanks!

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